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A modern take on traditional Asian cuisine in Inverness, Scotland. Hou Hou Mei invite diners to experience the Chinese custom of sharing dishes.

Launching in 2022, they approched me looking for a full digital identify, as well as various printed materials for the restaurant.


A logo, for all occasions.

I created a responsive logo that could be used on a number of mediums, digital or print.  Vertical and horizontal versions could be used on printed menus and a block coloured logo for the website and digital assets.


Booking, at the speed of light.

The most important of a restaurant customer journey is the booking process.  Booking a table at Hou Hou Mei couldn't be easier. Simply click the sticky booking button, and you'll be redirected to the booking form, which is fully integrated with the restaurant's front of house system and will be automatically sent to their kitchen, so no bookings are ever missed. 


Print isn't dead.

The food at Hou Hou Mei screams quality, so the printed materials needed to reflect this also. Food, Wine and Soft Drink menus were designed to reflect the quality of food served, with minimal yet functional layouts.


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Like what you see?

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